Whole House Water Filter With UV

Whole House Water Filter With UV

Stages of the whole house water filtration

The whole house water filter refers to the system where the system is installed in your entry tap to the entire one. To reduce contaminants like iron, chlorine, sulfur, and more of the water contaminants. This helps to bring clean water to your every tap.

We are providing Cheap water filters in Sharjah with new technology and great facilities. You can check it at our store. And for the information on  Water filtration system in Abu Dhabi you can speak to our agent they will inform you about everything. Let us check out the stage of the whole house water filtration.

Stage 1.

At first, the whole house water filter Dubai 5 microns removes all the suspended material like insects, rust, dust, sediments, and many more things.

Stage 2.

Now the activated carbon will do its work and it will block the filter to absorb complete chlorine, color, odor, and organic chemicals from the feed water.


Stage 3.

Now the pre-filter micron 1 will remove the rest of the sediments, asbestos, insects, and everything

Stage 4.

UV sterilization will do the rest of the work and kill all the bacteria and viruses. As ultraviolet is a drinking water cleaning system that remove all the dirt from the water.

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