Why is TAP Water unsafe for drinking?

Most of the time, tap water is not safe for drinking due to heavy industrial and environmental pollution. Toxic bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals routinely penetrate and pollute our natural water sources making people sick while exposing them to long term health consequences. Municipal water supplied for drinking is also not safe due to poor pipeline quality, parallel sewage pipelines, low maintenance, etc. Contaminants range from naturally-occurring minerals to man-made chemicals and by-products and microbiological organisms like bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, which cause serious diseases like Gastro-enteritis, diarrhea, paratyphoid, dysentery, etc.

How can we make water safe for drinking?

We can make water safe for drinking by using an effective water purifier, which removes all types of contaminants, be it physical, chemical or microbiological impurities. It should be clearly understood that traditional methods of water purification like boiling can remove only microbial impurities but are ineffective in getting rid of chemical impurities like pesticides and heavy metals, which may be toxic and carcinogenic and have long term impact on health.
An efficient Water Purifier is based on a combination of effective technologies to remove all types of contaminants from water to render it safe for drinking.
Pure Tech Water Purifiers have different purification stages, which not only purify water but also add beneficial minerals to water.

What is Reverse Osmosis Technology?

Reverse Osmosis is a separation process, which involves the passage of liquid from the lower concentration of dissolved substances to that of a higher concentration, when the two are separated by a semi permeable membrane. Thus, pure water is produced by screening out dissolved salts and other contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane is made of Semi permeable membranes, made of cellulose acetate or aromatic polyamide, having pore size of 0.0001 microns in diameter. These can filter out most of the inorganic contaminants, microscopic parasites including viruses, which may cause serious health hazards.

what is the function of different types of filter cartridge in Al-Hayyat Water Purifiers?

Different types of filter cartridges are present in Pure Tech Water purifiers. These help in prolonging the life of membrane and to improve water quality in terms of taste and mineral content.

External Sediment Filter consists of spun PP and filters dirt, dust or other large sized suspended particles.

Antiscalant balls. These are polyphosphate balls, which help to remove scaling and inorganic fouling. These reduce membrane cleaning requirements, thus enhancing domestic RO system performance. In addition to inhibiting carbonate and phosphate scale, antiscalants inhibit sulfate and fluoride scales, disperse colloids and metal oxides.

Magnetic Softener utilizes strong magnetic fields that cause an electron excitation to occur in water. As water flows past these magnets, the molecules are aligned into a uniformed directional field. Water regains its solvency and will not allow minerals to form hard crystals of scale.

In- line Sediment filter, which is made of spun PP of smaller pore size and filters smaller suspended particles.

Pre-carbon filter, which consists of Granular Activated Carbon. These have very high surface area and remove contaminants through adsorption, a process in which dissolved contaminants adhere to the surface of the carbon particles. Activated carbon filter can remove organic impurities and chlorine. They are very effective in removing tastes and odours.

Post carbon filter comprising of Nano silver impregnated activated carbon block. Silver is a bacteriostatic agent, which inhibits growth of bacteria in the carbon media. The post carbon filter is also known as polisher and enhances taste of water.

Mineral cartridge, which consist of mineral balls to replenish the essential minerals in water and antibacterial balls which inhibit the bacterial growth.

What is the storage capacity of Al-Hayyat Water purifiers?

The storage capacity of Pure Tech RO Water Purifiers varies from model to model. It ranges from 6 litres to 13 litres.

What is the electrical consumption of Al-Hayat purifiers?

The consumption of electricity in water purifier is negligible as-compared to any other electric equipment in your house. Pure Tech RO Water purifier system has a power consumption of 25 watts. It consumes 1 unit current only in 40 hours, in which time it can purify 4800 liters of drinking water.

On an average, we use 20 liters of purified water per day in our house. According to this calculation, a household normally require 7300 liters of water per year. So the electric consumption will be approximately 1.52 units per year (Power consumption may vary slightly for different models).

Does Al-Hayyat remove essential minerals?

Absolutely not,In fact Pure Tech RIO water purifiers add beneficial and essential minerals through mineral cartridge, which constitutes different types of mineral balls, antibacterial balls and pH regulating balls.

Whats is essential to remove dissolved impurities from drinking water?

Dissolved Impurities such as Pesticides, Rust, Heavy Metals, Arsenic, Fluoride etc. are harmful to our health. They may cause serious diseases such as cholera, hepatitis A & B, jaundice, typhoid and even cancer. They also spoil the taste of water. When these dissolved impurities are removed, the water becomes healthy as well as tasty.

What type of technologies are available for purifying water?

The most commonly used methods of purification are Chlorination, Boiling, Ultra filtration (UF), Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Purification.

Why boiling alone does not make water fully safe for drinking?

  1. Boiling kills bacteria and viruses but does not remove harmful dissolved impurities such as Pesticides, Rust, Heavy Metals, Arsenic, Fluoride etc. Just as we cannot remove dissolved salts from water by boiling, similarly we cannot remove dissolved impurities from water by boiling.
  2. Presence of such impurities in water may cause serious diseases such as cholera, hepatitis A & B, jaundice, typhoid and even cancer.

What type of technologies are available for purifying water?

UV purification has been popular since last few years. It does kill bacteria and viruses but does not remove dissolved impurities such as Pesticides, Rust, Heavy Metals, Arsenic, Fluoride etc. Also khaara™ water does not become sweet.

What should be the desired performance of a modern water purifier?

  1. The need of the hour is to have a purification technology which effectively removes harmful dissolved impurities such as Pesticides, Rust, Heavy Metals, Arsenic, Fluoride, etc apart from other impurities like bacteria and viruses. At the same time, the purifier should retain essential natural minerals in drinking water. It should also work efficiently over a long period of time.
  2. Thankfully, such a purification technology is available today!

Al-Hayyat innovative technology the best solution of a modern water purifier?

Pure Tech RO water purifiers are based on the ground-breaking computer controlled patented Mineral ROTM Technology. It combines the best of both RO and UV purification processes, while eliminating the limitations of a single technology to give 100% Pure, Healthy and Tasty water over a long period of time.

RO : Removes even Dissolved Impurities like Pesticides, Rust, Heavy Metals, Arsenic, Fluoride, etc, besides removing other impurities such as bacteria and viruses.

UF : Removes bacteria and cysts.

UV : With double purification, it ensures complete removal of remaining bacteria and viruses.

TDS Controller: Maintains essential natural minerals in purified water by adjustment of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) control valve.

Pure Tech ROTM Technology has the following distinct Advantages over conventional RO water purifiers:

  1. Double purification: Ensures complete removal of impurities.
  2. Retention of essential natural minerals: Conventional RO purifiers while removing dissolved impurities also remove essential natural minerals from the water. Whereas in Pure Tech water purifiers, while dissolved impurities are removed, essential natural minerals are retained.
  3. International certifications: Pure Tech purifiers have to their credit world’s top quality certifications such as WQA and NSF of USA.

Unlike conventional water purification processes based on a single technology, Pure Tech water purifiers work through double purification by RO and UV/UF. It has the following distinct advantages:

  1. Double purification leaves less scope for impurities to pass through.
  2. Ensures bacteria and viruses are totally killed.
  3. Although RO purification process removes even dissolved impurities, back-up purification by UV and UF processes makes the water 100% pure all the time.

Why is it essential to retain minerals in RO water purifier?

  1. Natural minerals are essential for our health. In conventional RO water purifiers, these natural minerals get removed along with dissolved impurities. This makes the water mineral-less. Such water may be harmful to our health and can cause mineral deficiency in the body.
  2. Pure Tech RO water purifiers are equipped with a TDS controller, which retains essential natural minerals in the purified water.

Why it is important to choose a water purifier brand that has a good after-sales service backup?

Continuous availability of pure water to one’s family is essential. Keeping this in mind, it is important to have a good after-sales service back-up, so that in case any problem arises, it can be addressed in the least possible time.

What if some parts stop functioning?

If you face any problems with the Al-Hayyat or any of its parts, contact our 24×7 Customer Care number +971 55 5261144 , +971 52 9311993 , +971 6 5633764. Our Service Engineers will be prompt to help you.

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