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We are determined to provide you with the best water-purifying equipment. As we know the value of a healthy life and to make it healthier it is important to drink water that is clean and contains all the essential minerals and calcium.

We are one of the Water treatment companies in Dubai that focuses on their goal and we have a vision to provide water to all the local people that is healthy. And it’s on the budget. Below mentioned is the Al-Hayyat water treatment equipment.


The Sterilight system encourages all modern technologies as it helps to solve the age-old problems of bacterial contamination which used to be present in all the water supplies and mainly in the areas that are not treated by the municipal water system or the rural areas.

 The whole house filtration:

This system is the ideal choice for houses where heavy sediment problems are affected. Along with the clean drinking system, it prevents damage to water heaters and dishes through filtration of contaminants and the soiling of the laundry.

 High flow Reverse Osmosis.

High-flow Ro systems have the capacity to produce from 150 liters to 75,000 liters of healthy and fine water per day for domestic use. Or it could be used for commercial, agricultural, or rural applications. It reduces the high levels of the TDS and provides you the water that is disease-free.

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