Uses for Purified

Ten good reasons why you should drink more water

1. Fresh, Healthy Water to Improve You & Your Family’s Health

Doctors and health professionals recommend that the average person needs to drink 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy. We would all have to agree that the quality of our drinking water is just as important as the quantity, wouldn’t we?
It is a well-known fact that there can be over 50 different types of chemicals and contaminants added to our water at any one time. Chlorine alone has been directly linked to many forms of cancer. In addition to this your drinking water can travel through many kilometers of piping before it reaches your home. These pipes can be many decades old.
Enjoy Pure Water and begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle today.

3. Food Preparation

Chlorine and other chemicals can absorb into your food as you are preparing it. Simply by washing and then cooking your vegetables in tap water, your food is absorbing chemicals during that process. Using purified water for your cooking, washing vegetables, salads, pasta and rice will effectively remove a large percentage of heavy metals and chemicals, which in turn will prevent you from digesting any unwanted chemicals that may be found in tap water.

5. Increase the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals

Research has shown that chemicals added to your tap water can decrease the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals when taken with the water.

7. Brewing Beer

Many of our customers use their water purifier with the CC1E or the CC1E-HT to make their homebrew beer. Their beer not only has far fewer chemicals in it but it also tastes better. Here’s too great tasting beer!

9. Coffee & Tea

When water is boiled, the chemicals in your tap water tend to concentrate whilst the pure water evaporates in the form of steam. Next time you have a tea or coffee use purified water and taste the difference!

2. Improves the quality for use in infant formula

With the effective removal of Giardia & Cryptosporidium Cysts as well as E.coli bacteria, why wouldn’t you be using purified water as a safer option for your baby’s formula?

4. Healthier For Your Pets

Do you have a pet? It is a well know fact that our pets have much better senses than we do, including taste and smell. When you place a bowl of tap water in front of them you can be guaranteed that your pet can smell and taste every added chemical. Unfortunately chemicals and bacteria do not discriminate between humans and animals, so purify your pet’s water today for a healthier and happy pet.

6. Fish Tanks

Use Purified water for filling your fish tanks, with the removal of chlorine and other chemicals, whilst still keeping the natural minerals in tact, it makes for a clean fresh environment for your scaly friends.

8. Better For Your Plants

Plants, just like us are organic matter. Chlorine is known to attack organic matter which can cause them to slowly die. Water your plants with fresh, chemical free purified water today and see the difference.

10. Less cleaning and a longer life for electricals

Ever wondered where those brown stains in your kettle or iron come from? And it always seems to rub off on your clothes! By removing sediment, dirt, rust, heavy metals and chemicals from your water, say goodbye to those stains forever!

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